GrowShrinkPulsePulse GrowPulse ShrinkPushPopBounce inBounce outRotateGrow rotateFloatSinkBobHangSkewSkew ForwardSkew BackwardWobble HorizontalWobble VerticalWobble To Bottom RightWobble To Top RightWobble TopWobble BottomWobble SkewBuzzBuzz Out


FadeBack PulseSweep To RightSweep To LeftSweep To TopSweep To BottomBounce To RightBounce To LeftRadial OutRadial InShutter In HorizontalShutter Out HorizontalShutter Out VerticalShutter In VerticalRectangle InRectangle Out

Border Transitions

Border FadeHollowTrimOutline OutOutline InRipple OutRipple InRound CornersUnderline From LeftUnderline From CenterUnderline From RightRevealUnderline RevealAnts


使用 Foot-Awesome

Icon BackIcon ForWardIcon DownIcon UpIcon SpinIcon FadeIcon GrowIcon ShrinkIcon PulseIcon Pulse GrowIcon Pulse ShrinkIcon PushIcon PopIcon BounceIcon RotateIcon Grow RotateIcon FloatIcon SinkIcon Wobble HorizontalIcon Wobble VerticalIcon BuzzIcon Buzz OutIcon Float AwayIcon Sink AwayIcon Gavel RotateIcon Face

Shadow and Glow Transitions

ShadowGlow ShadowFloat ShadowGlowShadow RadialBox Shadow OutsetBox Shadow Inset

Speech Bubbles

Bubble TopBubble RightBubble BottomBubble LeftBubble Float TopBubble Float RightBubble Float BottomBubble Float Left


Curl Top LeftCurl Top RightCurl Bottom RightCurl Bottom Left


MagicTwisterin UpTwisterin DownSwapOpen Down LeftOpen Down RightOpen Up LeftOpen Up RightOpen Up Right OutOpen Up Left OutOpen Down Right OutOpen Down Left OutPerspective DownPerspective UpPerspective LeftPerspective RightPerspective Down ReturnPerspective Up Return